Xiaolong ZHU (朱曉龍)

I have joined Parametrix.ai (Round A) exploring AGI.

I used to work at Tencent AI Platform Department as Technical Lead of vision engineering team and cooperating with vision researchers at Tencent AI Lab. In 2018, I also served as a TAC member of LF Deep Learning Foundation. Before joining Tencent, I was a Ph.D student supervised by Dr. Kenneth Wong in Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong. I worked on hand detection and localization for color cameras. Before this, most of my work was to recognize hand postures based on a depth camera. More details are in my research page.

01 Oct 2020Read Value by ZHANG Lei.
16 Sep 2020Read What it Takes Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence by Stephen Schwarzman.
31 Jul 2020Parametrix.ai attends China Joy 2020.
16 Mar 2020Clear stages of Soul Knight by Chilly Room.
14 Feb 2020Work from home for almost one month due to COVID-19.
23 Jan 2020Travel to Thailand in Chinese New Year.
21 Nov 2019Team-building in Meili, Yunan. Some pics.
15 Nov 2019Attend Chine Hi-Tech Fair 2019.
16 Mar 2019Attend GDC 2019.
04 Mar 2019Join a start-up exploring Gaming AI

: Xiaolong ZHU, 朱曉龍
Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong,
P. R. China.

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