Xiaolong ZHU (朱曉龍)

We are recuiting talents with graphics or CV/ML background for our on-going projects!

If you are interested in Tencent AI Lab in Shenzhen, send your CV to me. Both full-time and intern are welcome. Moreover, if you are about to graduate as PhD, check this out - 寻找腾讯技术大咖.


I am working at AI Platform Department as Technical Lead of vision engineering team and cooperating with vision researchers in AI Lab of Tencent. I also serve as a TAC member of LF Deep Learning Foundation.

My current interest is to develop efficient solution for both edge and server platforms. For instance, campability (e.g. Android 4.3+) and efficiency for both power and latency is my greatest concern on mobile iOS/Android phones. It took most of my time in 2017-2018 to figure out a reliable AI solution working on mobile chips taped out since 2013. The rest of my focus has been mainly spent on building up a workflow for rapid and asynchronous iteration of data / models / algorithms for real-world applications, eg., detection / landmarks / segmentation of face / hand / body / pets / ... .

Before joining Tencent, I was a Ph.D student supervised by Dr. Kenneth Wong in Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong. I worked on hand detection and localization for color cameras. Before this, most of my work was to recognize hand postures based on a depth camera. More details are in my research page.

14 Sep 2018Give a talk on Mobile AI platform at Arm Developer Global Summit.
09 Sep 2018Back to HKU! As a speaker introducing mobile AI dev of AI Lab.
27 Aug 2018Assist Angel Project contributed to LDFL.
18 Aug 2018Present our work on mobile AI deployment at Tencent TLC 2018.
26 Jun 2018Attend LC3 China as speaker for LFDL and DL.
27 Mar 2018Join LFDL TAC as representative from Tencent.
23 Mar 2018Change note-taking app to Quiver.
15 Mar 2018Present Reinforcement learning on FineArt (绝艺) at Tencent AI Forum.
08 Dec 2017Deploy Pose Estimation as main feature 高能舞室 of Mobile QQ 7.3.5.
15 Jul 2017Deploy real-time style transfer for live video in QQ App.

: Xiaolong ZHU, 朱曉龍
Floor 11, Langke Mansion,
Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong,
P. R. China.

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